Climbing Higher: Expanding My Photography

I live in Brisbane, Australia, and have been an airline pilot since 2008. I’ve always enjoyed taking photographs, from the Canon 400D I got in 2005, to the trusty 7D I picked up during a slip (layover) in Singapore in 2014, and for those quick unplanned snaps – my iPhone. I’ve also added the DJI Mavic 2 Pro & Mini 2 to my kit for aerial views (something that I’ve been sorely missing during the period without flying).

Up until the 2020-2021 COVID-imposed stand down from my job, I mostly thought of photography as a hobby, and while I shared photos from my travels on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, I wasn’t really trying to make any money from it. The significant drop of income forced me to find ways to make what coin I could, so I turned my hobby into a semi-professional pursuit.

I’ve been uploading my drone photos to an aerial photography stock photography site, other photos to a number of general stock photography sites, and creating some web portfolios on sites that allow people to purchase prints. I also purchased a decent photo printer (Canon Pro-1000), and set up an Etsy account to sell unframed prints directly.

Getting that first email notification that I had sold my first stock photography photo was a very good feeling! …even if the amount received was only small. But I hope it is the start of many more to come.

I like to use my drones whenever I go anywhere new (provided the regulations allow drone flying in that area!) to get up and see a new aspect to the area. And sometimes they are useful just to get a little bit of extra height for a composition that would normally require a ladder, or another story to the building – not something easily done!

I feel I’m a bit of an “every-man” with my camera photography: I don’t have just one subject type that I like to shoot. With my long lens, I like to photograph wildlife (particularly birds), as well as do some aviation photography, usually from my backyard. With my short lens I enjoy getting out and doing some nature and urban photography. I haven’t really done much portrait work, but it is something I’d like to attempt more in the future.

I’m always open to feedback and constructive criticism of any of my work, so head on over to my instagram page if you wish to do so.