Selling limited edition prints – Pikcha

I’ve been exploring options for monetising my photographs online, and recently came across the website Pikcha, created by Ward Williams from Melbourne, Australia. Unlike the normal stock photography websites that I’ve also started using (such as Shutterstock, and Adobe Stock), Pikcha allows artists to upload artwork for sale as signed and numbered, Limited-edition prints. The artist chooses the print-run, up to 100 editions, and once it sells out, the artwork won’t be printed again.

Collectors can search through the images, and when they find something they love, the artwork is printed on archival-grade paper or canvas, and dispatched with an accompanying gallery card.

At this stage, I’ve only uploaded three of my images, but I’ve already made two sales: “Walker on the Story Bridge” and “Bright Gazania in bloom”. It was such a rush receiving the notification email!

I’m always on the lookout for something else that will stand out for a limited-edition print. To view my Pikcha profile and images, click on either of the two artworks below, and if you don’t buy from me, check out some of the other artworks on the site, and help support independent artists!

Pikcha - Bright Gazania in bloom
Pikcha - Walker on the Story Bridge